How do I book a Birthday Party or Group?

Give us a call during our regular operating hours and office hours! We got you covered. 

Is Funland Skate Castle under new ownership?

Yes! Both Funland Park of Decatur and Funland Skate Castle are under new ownership. Our new owner has operated over 6 different family entertainment centers across the region over a span of 32 years. Our new owner's top priorities are: 

1) Safety 

2) Family Fun 

3) Community 

You said safety is the first priority at Funland. How so?

In addition to training our employees to watch for suspicious or dangerous behavior, parents/teachers will take comfort knowing that Funland Skate Castle hires off-duty law enforcement during all hours of operation. 

As a parent of five and grandparent of four, our new owner knows how important safety is when dealing with children and fiercely enforces new family-friendly policies at Funland Park and Skate Castle.  

What specials are offered?

Currently, Funland Skate Castle offers two Year-Round Specials for Discounts on Admission! 

1) Canned Food Drive (Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Decatur)

2) Church Bulletin Sunday 

Do you offer Private Event Booking?

Yes! Prices vary depending on size, group, and scheduling so please give us a call for more information. 

What's new?

Since changing ownership, Funland Skate Castle now offers new attractions such as Laser Tag, Jump Shot, Gyro-Chair, Massage Chair Room, and Bumper Cars. In addition, we have also added a new Pizza Restaurant. 

Funland Skate Castle will be offering a After School Program beginning in August of 2019!